They call it a house. We'd call it a pod. But no matter what term you use, the Ecocapsule is a self-sustaining shelter. Thanks to a built-in wind turbine, roof-mounted solar panels, and a high-capacity battery, there's no reason to connect it to the grid, while an intelligent rainwater and dew collection system works with built-in water filters to let you use pretty much any water source. Despite its small size, it can still hold two adults comfortably, with a folding bed, kitchenette, and even a toilet and shower.

  • Vipp Shelter

    Make creating your own weekend escape as easy as buying some land and swiping a card with the Vipp Shelter. This prefabricated, 55 square meter structure is designed to be placed in the natural setting of your choice with minimal effort on your part. So much so that the furniture, appliances, fixtures, lighting, tableware, towels, and even bed linens have already been picked out and will be waiting for you on your first arrival, which should happen in as little as six months after you place your order. And with two levels of living space, including a second-floor bed loft and floor-to-ceiling windows, you might find yourself wanting to stay longer than you planned.

  • 432 Park Avenue Penthouse

    "King of the hill, top of the heap" in New York has a new address — the 432 Park Avenue Penthouse. The building itself measures 1,396 ft, making it the third-tallest building in the United States and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, you won't be living on the roof, so your full-floor, 8,255 square feet palace sits 1,271 feet up. It goes without saying that the views are spectacular from every side, and obviously the furnishings and design are top-notch — after all, you're not filling one of the most expensive residences in the country with bad paint and cheap furniture.

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