Ehang Manned Drone

Forget autonomous cars — if you really need to get somewhere in a hurry without bothering to pilot yourself, you need an Ehang Manned Drone. This autonomous aerial vehicle can carry you and a small bag short distances in comfort and safety. An all-electric, fully-redundant system ensures that if any of the four-armed craft's eight propellers stop working, it can still get you back down on the ground safely. It takes off and lands vertically, has a maximum height of over 1,500 feet, and can run for up to 23 minutes at 62 mph. It's cabin is built using a composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy, while other components are crafted from an aluminum alloy, and you control the entire thing via a touchscreen interface that's as simple as dropping a couple pins on Google Maps. It's currently in testing, but Ehang has every intention of bringing it to market, so we'll probably see one flying around long before we lay eyes upon an airborne DeLorean.

  • Skyacht One

    With an ornate design inspired by a custom yacht from 1939, the Skyacht One is one of the most luxurious private jets on the planet. It's based on the Embraer Flagship Lineage 1000E, giving it a range of 4,600 nautical miles and over 4,000 cubic feet of cabin space. There's an entry way with planked and pegged bulkhead walls, a private conference room, a main cabin with a large sofa, cocktail bar, and TV, and a master suite featuring a bed, bathroom, and shower. The interior is dominated by rich leathers, mahogany paneling, and controls made from fine metals, and offers intelligent lighting that changes color to match the view from the roof-mounted, nautically-inspired SkyPorts that run the length of the cabin.

  • Biski Amphibious Motorcycle

    Water-faring cars are nothing new. Water-faring bikes, however, are. The Biski Amphibious Motorcycle functions as a capable-but-plump two-wheeler on the pavement, and as a speedy jetski on the water. It's powered by a two-cylinder gas engine producing 55hp, good for max speeds of 80 mph on land and 37 on water. Speaking of which, it uses a custom dual-jet system for on-water propulsion, has both road and marine navigation lighting, and converts between its two modes in less than 10 seconds.

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