El Rey Effects Guitar Pedals

While there are certainly plenty of options out there for guitar players looking to add something special to their sound, there's nothing out there quite like El Rey Effects Guitar Pedals ($150). Hand-wired and custom-painted here in Cincy, these pedals look as good on your board as they sound coming out of your amp. Choose from pedals like the Mexican-wrestling-inspired Lucha Fuzz, the Ouija-board-inspired The Mystic, and several more. Whatever you choose, you're bound to make bandmates jealous and audience-members move.

  • Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary Guitar

    If you're looking for the perfect balance between acoustic sound and electric power, then the Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary Guitar ($1,250) is the guitar for you. This gorgeous guitar has a rock maple neck, a rosewood or maple fingerboard, and a two-chamber mahogany body. As a limited edition, it celebrates forty years of making the original electric-acoustic hybrid guitar. It features a mini-humbucker pickup, custom under saddle transducer, and a custom preamp with volume, mid, treble, and bass controls, as well as individual controls for the pickup.

  • Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant

    We've witnessed a huge evolution in the so-called "internet of things" — connected devices that make your home more automated and intuitive. From WiFi-enabled outlets, to robotic vacuums, to thermostats, nearly everything can be controlled from a phone. But, pulling out your phone, cueing up an app, and tapping a few buttons to turn down the heat can be cumbersome. The Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant ($179) solves that problem. With simple voice commands you can adjust the temperature, set an alarm, dim the lights, turn on the radio, and more, all without lifting a finger. With a completely-open developer platform allowing third parties to integrate various services and devices, it seems like this is only the beginning. [Scouted by Frank]

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