Elbow Cassette Tape Player

Iconic as the cassette itself has become, most portable players obscured their contents inside plastic housings. The Elbow Cassette Tape Player is different. Simultaneously stripped down and innovative, this concept uses a single pulley to drive the tape and an optical sensor to track the speed. Combined with the bi-axial arm and control wheel, that means it's incredibly small and leaves most of the cassette exposed for your visual enjoyment. Audio is output via a standard 3.5mm headphone plug. The device recharges via mini-USB, a port that doubles as a way to transfer audio to a computer, and a small pin on the back lets you attach it to clothes and bags.

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speaker

    Designed to hang on your wall, the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speaker is far more than a single speaker. The modular system incorporates as many as 44 individual speakers, as well as optional integrated acoustic damper tiles that can improve the sound from any source in any room you place them in. A connectivity hub handles incoming streams via Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth, and of course, it also plays nice with the company's other Multiroom components for a whole-house audio experience. Available in a variety of fabric covers, including exclusive wools from Kvadrat, it can be adapted to match nearly any space.

  • Mark Levinson No.515 Turntable

    Developed in collaboration with VPI, the Mark Levinson No.515 Turntable is the storied audio brand's first record player. It's built around a 20-pound aluminum platter, connected via a triple belt drive system to a high-torque motor mounted on a separate chassis and housed in an isolated enclosure. The main chassis is made from a sandwich of vinyl-wrapped MDF and aluminum that sits on vibration-damping feet, and the custom-designed record weight and platter mat further help eliminate all unwanted vibrations and instability. Available with or without a factory-installed cartridge and made by hand in the USA.

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