Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

If only we'd had this in middle school. The Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit ($20) is exactly what it sounds like — a motor-driven propeller for your dead tree creation that can extend flight time up to 90 seconds, clips easily onto the nose of your plane, is made from carbon fiber so as to not weigh things down, and recharges in 20 seconds off the included, three AAA-powered charging box, getting you back up and flying in as little time as possible.

  • Kiki De Montparnasse Chess Set

    We've seen more expensive chess sets, but never one as kinky. The Kiki De Montparnasse Chess Set ($10,000) is a limited edition set featuring deliberately sensual shapes for the glossy or matte black pieces, all of which sit on a handmade walnut game board. It's not cheap, but if you're the kind of person who enjoys slowly seducing your partners by playing chess with what amount to really high-end dildos, price probably isn't an issue.

  • LEGO Master Builder Academy Kits

    No matter if you've got a little one whom you're trying to get into building, or if you're just indulging your own childlike desires — these LEGO Master Builder Academy Kits ($30 and up) will have you building your own custom models in no time. Beginning with the Space Designer kit and moving through microbuild, robot, flight creature, and auto builds, this multi-kit, in-home and online program teaches you the the tips and techniques of master builders, from beginner to advanced levels. It's just the thing if you're wanting to get hired at Legoland. [Thanks, Will]

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