Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ

Long has man yearned for the taste of a traditional grill without the need to go outdoors — and the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ ($225) promises to deliver. This unique cooking system uses a gas or electric stove element to heat a bed of lava rocks, creating the flavor of a traditional grill without the smoke or charcoal dust. Other features include a specific section for catching grease — making for easy cleanup — an adjustable grill height, and a removable handle.

  • Metrokane Citrus Power Juicer

    Prepare for the upcoming lemonade-and-booze season with the Metrokane Citrus Power Juicer ($110). Boasting more than twice the leverage of other professional juicers, the Metrokane exerts over 1,000 pounds of pressure with minimal effort on your part, squeezing every last drop of goodness out of your oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes, and catching it in the included stainless steel pouring pitcher. Now all you need is a stand.

  • Samsung F457 Front-Loading Washer

    We're not saying you should buy a clothing-related appliance based on its tech credentials, but in the case of the Samsung F457 Front-Loading Washer ($TBA), it doesn't hurt. Packing Wi-Fi and the ability to be monitored and controlled via an app, the F457 also features a lot of high technology related to actually washing clothes, including industry-leading capacity, seven specialty cycles to handle even the most delicate loads, PowerFoam technology for deep stain fighting, steam cycles for wrinkle reduction, vibration reduction technology for quiet operation, an 8-inch LCD touch screen control panel, and SpeedSpray which delivers shots of water with dissolved detergent for cleansing, followed by a rinsing shot for shorter cycle times. The matching DV457 dryer completes the set.

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