Elementary Minute

The Internet is amazing. It's also made us terribly lazy when it comes to remembering things. Reclaim your trivia talents with Elementary Minute. This fast-paced quiz game gives you a limited amount of time to answer questions about math, people, and places, with a simple interface and helpful statistics and review features. Two game modes are available — either answer as many questions as you can in a minute, or try to get as many questions correct as possible without using up your four lives — and it's compatible with the Apple Watch, so you don't even need to dig out your phone to get in on the game.

  • Apple Music

    We knew it was coming — Apple didn't buy Beats to make headphones, after all. Now Apple Music is here, and it's aiming to be the only music app you need. Folded into the app are a new streaming service with access to over 30 million songs and artist-curated playlists, a new 24/7 radio station hosted by some of the world's best DJs, and a new feature called Connect that lets you follow artists both mainstream and underground, with the ability to like and comment on everything from songs and videos to lyrics and backstage photos. Of course, it also gives you access to all your existing music and playlists, too, and gives intelligent suggestions for new tunes based on your already rich listening history. Arriving for iOS and Android.

  • Wakie

    Even the best alarm clocks can't compete with being awoken by a human voice. Thanks to Wakie, you can ease into your day talking to another person, even if you're hopelessly alone. This novel app connects you to an entire network of people that set their alarms not to be jarred out of slumber by alien buzzing, but by receiving a call from another member of the network, who will have a friendly one-minute conversation with them to start their day. You can also choose to be on the waking end of things, calling other members to help them out of bed.

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