Elfa In/Out Basket

Elfa In/Out Basket

Any productivity guru or Getting Things Done follower will tell you that the first thing you need to get organized is an in-box and an out-box. Usually, they recommend a couple of those desktop trays, but we're digging the Elfa In/Out Basket ($15). It's made of epoxy-bonded steel and has an open mesh wall-mounted design with two generously sized baskets.

  • Tetrius Magnet Set

    Ever since our first Xmas with the Game Boy, we've loved Tetris. Now you can spread the love around your cubicle, kitchen, or home office with the Tetrius Magnet Set ($10). The set includes seven different Tetris-shaped magnets, which you can fit together to resemble a round of the famous game, or just show your love by actually using them as magnets. Either way, they're too cool and too cheap to pass up. [via]

  • Mr. P Cord Organizer

    Our old friend Mr. P is back again, this time trying desperately to keep your snaking, tangled cords in check — and to satisfy his bondage fetish at the same time. The Mr. P One Man Tied Cord Organizer ($12) is four inches tall and available in both white and orange, so he can be useful in any part of the house — or just use a whole army of them to keep track of cords in the office or by the home theater. [Thanks, Lee]

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