Elgato Eve Home Monitoring System

Keep an eye on every aspect of your home with the Elgato Eve Home Monitoring System. This comprehensive system is a family of sensors that gather data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption, and also includes smoke detectors and sensors to tell you whether windows and doors are open or shut. What to do with all that data? Well, it's sent back to a single app over Bluetooth LE, giving you an at a glance look at your home from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Sphelar Solar Flashlight

    Anyone can tell you the importance of having a reliable flashlight on hand in the case of an emergency — unexpected power failure, overdue energy bills, total eclipse of the sun — but flashlights never seem to be there for you when you really need them. Whether it's empty batteries or burnt out bulbs, you can just never quite count on your typical flashlight. But the Sphelar Solar Flashlight isn't your typical flashlight, and we're not just talking about its gorgeous design. It sports LED lights and micro-spherical solar cells that provide up to four hours of battery life.

  • Noke Bluetooth Padlock

    When buying a padlock, you've traditionally had two options: buy a key-based lock and risk losing the key, or buy a combination lock, and hope you can remember the code. Both could potentially end with you wielding bolt cutters. Now, the Noke Bluetooth Padlock gives you a third option. Powered by Bluetooth 4.0, this smart padlock pairs with your phone, letting you open it simply by pressing the shackle — it will automatically sense your phone and unlock. And should your phone die, you can create a custom access code that has you press the shackle in a certain pattern to unlock. It's just one less thing to worry about.

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