Keeping track of how much things really cost can be difficult when you're dealing with a different currency. Elk makes it simple. Using your location, it automatically selects the correct currency, then displays a table of common values and their USD equivalents. On the Watch, it lets you use the digital crown to get a conversion for a specific amount quickly. It's also free to download, with a one-time Pro upgrade available after two weeks.

  • Sway

    Mindfulness and meditation techniques are a proven way to improve your mental wellbeing and ability to concentrate. Many of those require solitude. Sway was developed in collaboration with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble to let you practice "interactive meditation" in a variety of environments. Using a combination of soothing visuals, peaceful music, on-screen instructions, and audio cues, it encourages you to focus on slow, continuous body movements to help you focus and relax. There are multiple "levels" to work through, ensuring that the experience doesn't get stale as you progress, and since it's designed to work with headphones, you can use it anywhere you have enough room to move.

  • Privacy

    Security breaches happen despite the best efforts of even the biggest merchants. Keep yourself protected with Privacy. This smart app creates a new custom Visa card for every online store you frequent and locks the card to that merchant — so you're protected even if they're hacked. You can also set spending limits on each card, close any card with a single swipe, and even setup single-use cards that are perfect for free trials.

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