Why spend a fortune on smart light bulbs when the ones you have work just fine? That's the idea behind Emberlight. This intelligent lighting accessory sits between a bulb and its socket, giving you the ability to control any dimmable bulb right from your phone over Wi-Fi. And while this gives you the ability to control multiple lights with a single touch, map out preset lighting "moods", and have the lights turn on based on your proximity to home, each unit also sports Bluetooth LE, giving it the ability to turn lights on or off as you enter or exit a room. Now that's smart.

  • Cloud

    No, it's not some new Internet-based service that takes your photos, videos, and drunken napkin doodles and stores them online. Instead, Cloud is, well, a cloud — one that stays inside your house. Created by artist Richard Clarkson, this unusual work packs a series of color-changing lights, a powerful speaker system, and an Arduino inside its felted hypoallergenic fill and sponge body, letting you enjoy a "storm" every time you pass by, or anytime at all using the remote. But what's even better is the built-in Bluetooth, which means that when you're in the mood to jam, you can stream your music to it and enjoy great sound with light-based visualizations.

  • Edison LED Light Bulbs

    Add a touch of turn-of-the-century class to your space without needing turn-of-the-century technology with these Edison LED Light Bulbs. Thanks to warm color temps, each of the three bulbs — they're available in traditional round, teardrop, and G95 shapes — gives off all the atmosphere and ambiance of a real Edison-era bulb while using a smidgen of the power, making them a terrific blend of old and new.

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