Embraer Manhattan Jet

Inspired by New York's Art Deco-era masterpieces and based on the company's flagship Lineage 1000E, the Embraer Manhattan Jet is an opulent sky chariot. The striped blue exterior is meant to recall a pinstripe suit, while the interior is outfitted in lots of mahogany, brass, and gold trim. The interior is divided up into several areas, including the Cloud Club lounge with its bar and panoramic window, the Crystal Room, which offers dining for up to six at a time, and the well-appointed main cabin with room for up to 19 passengers total.

  • Brake Free Helmet Light

    The brake lights on your motorcycle work okay. But they're mounted low on your bike and don't account for different types of braking. The Brake Free Helmet Light mounts a smart brake light on the back of your helmet, increasing both visibility and functionality. It uses a gyroscope to detect when you're slowing down, responding accordingly to engine braking, regular braking, and emergency braking, the latter of which triggers a special light pattern. It attaches to nearly any helmet using a magnetic mount, offers over eight hours of battery life, and uses 100 LED lights to make sure it's visible day or night. It's also weather resistant, and since it stays lit at all times — only becoming brighter when braking — it makes you more visible to other motorists whether you're braking or not.

  • Volocopter 2X

    It's greener than a traditional helicopter. Quieter, too. But most of all, the Volocopter 2X is safer. Thanks to multiple redundant systems, a total of 18 rotors, and a full aircraft parachute in case everything else fails, it's arguably safer than traveling on land. Powered by electric motors, it's controlled by a simple joystick control and has features like automatic altitude control that make it even easier to fly. It can also be controlled remotely, drone-style. It's currently under development and expected to receive approval as an ultralight multi-copter next year.

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