Emperador Cigar Chest

You could call it a humidor, but that seems far too pedestrian. The Emperador Cigar Chest incorporates over 2,600 individual components to deliver the most luxurious smoke box we've ever seen. On top is a tourbillion timepiece made from over 300 pieces by a Swiss watchmaker, and surrounded by 24 individual glass tubes, each of which comes pre-packed with a Grand Cru cigar wrapped in four gold leaves. This compartment is secured by a passcode, while the included cigar cutter, table lighter, and ashtray sit securely in a front drawer. Of course, it pays equal attention to the care of your cigars, incorporating a world's first self-regulating humidity system that needs neither water nor human intervention to keep a constant humidity level of 70% and an internal temperature between 61º and 65º F.

  • Cannador

    As it turns out, tobacco isn't the only thing you can smoke that benefits from being kept in a controlled environment. The Cannador promises to keep your best bud in peak condition, using a unique system that can absorb or release humidity as needed into the solid mahogany interior. As a result, your pot stays fresh longer and tastes better, is protected from damaging UV light, and unlike in a traditional cigar humidor, is safe from potential mold growth caused by too much humidity. Available in a variety of different sizes and configurations, with your choice of a solid walnut or cherry exterior.

  • Quitbit Lighter

    We've got scores of electronic gadgets and apps to help us keep track of our fitness — but there's few things you can do as beneficial to your health as quitting smoking. So where's the app for that? The Quitbit Lighter has your answer. This rechargeable lighter uses a heating element to light up your smoke, keeping track of every time you do, and displaying that information on the built-in display and in the companion app that syncs over Bluetooth and can let you see when you smoke, how much you smoke, and lets you view trends over time. It might be the smartest purchase you make all year.

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