Endless Runway Circular Airport

Traditional airports are are the mercy of wind directions and speeds when it comes to takeoffs and landings. This limits their capacity and can also cause delays. The Endless Runway Circular Airport is a new concept that would use a circular, 3.5 km banked runway to ensure planes always land and take off with a headwind. Big enough to fit even a major hub airport inside, it would also take up less space than some conventional layouts, allow up to three planes to take off or land at once, and seamlessly adjust to the conditions outside without needing to make runway changes.

  • Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept

    Based around a passenger capsule that's adaptable to all sorts of transportation methods, the Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept is a bold suggestion of how to streamline traffic in megacities. In developing the concept, Airbus worked with Italdesign, creating both drone-like air transport and platform-based ground transport modules. The passenger would interact with the system via an app, which would manage their trip using AI and pilot both modules for them. In addition to the already-imagined air and ground modules, it's suggested that the individual passenger capsules could also intermingle with trains, subways, and hyperloops, creating a seamless mobility solution.

  • TetraBin

    Take a look around nearly any populated area, and it becomes clear that getting people to dispose of trash properly is harder than it sounds. The TetraBin aims to make throwing away your rubbish fun by turning it into a game. A series of sensors inside the bin measure the size and shape of your litter, then trigger the release of a block inside the Tetris-like game shown on the outside of the can via a LED screen. As a result, people are encouraged to throw their trash away, the streets stay cleaner, and the trash bin becomes a meeting place instead of a foul-smelling obstacle.

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