Enea Walking Stick

The result of extensive research, the Enea Walking Stick aims to make this medical aid simultaneously more functional and more fashionable. On one end is a three-axis handle that makes it more comfortable to hold and allows the stick to stand on its own or rest securely against a wall. On the other, near the bottom, is a small branch-like extension that's precisely placed to allow the stick to balance on a desk or counter. To keep weight down, the stick is 100% 3D printed using a bone-like porous structure developed in collaboration with Mhox Design and engineering firm Arup.

  • Bottomless Joystick

    Joysticks are a natural control for VR interfaces — problem being, they mostly only work on desks. The Bottomless Joystick overcomes this limitation by attaching the stick to a counterweight. Connected by a gimbal, the counterweight stays planted downward no matter the angle of the stick. It comes from the Smart Systems Institute at the University of Singapore, who also added two servo motors to replicate various force feedbacks and allow for the adjustment of resistance to better replicate real-world experiences.

  • Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept

    For all their grand height, the roots of the giant sequoia don't go down very far — and thus they fall quickly when the trunk starts to rot. The Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept aims to merge architecture with nature, filling in the empty trunks with spaces for education, observation decks, labs, and exhibitions. In addition to providing usable human space inside, the design's central core and the lattice-like exterior attached to the bark would help keep the tree upright long after its roots would have failed.

    Photos: Ko Jinhyeuk, Cheong Changwon, Cho Kyuhyung, Choi Sunwoong

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