Epic Big Bad Baptist Beer

A brewery like Epic Brewing in Utah have some challenges other breweries don't have to mess with. The alcohol laws in the state are quite prohibitive, forcing the brewers to be creative when it comes to the amount of alcohol that makes its way into their beers. But the 11% plus ABV badass that is Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout ($14) kicks through the door of many restrictions, regardless of your proximity. It's brewed with cocoa nibs and whole coffee beans, and is then placed in whiskey barrels before bottling. Every batch varies a bit, and isn't easy to come by, so hunt down a bottle now and enjoy a truly Epic stout.

  • Zombie Dust Beer

    Zombies are all the rage nowadays (we were here before they were cool), but no TV show, movie, or video game compares to this zombie from Indiana. We're talking about Zombie Dust ($10), a beer made in Munster, Indiana, at Three Floyds Brewing. And to say it's the finest Pale Ale on the planet would be doing it a disservice. While it's classified as a Pale Ale, to most palates it has much more in common with a ridiculously tasty IPA. The tropical fruit aromas you can't miss are from the generous amount of Citra hops the beer was brewed with. The same hops provide a subtle but effective bite after you tip back your sample. So even if zombie culture isn't your thing, Zombie Dust could convince you otherwise.

  • Farmer's Reserve No. 3 Beer

    Despite what some will have you believe, fruit and beer can make a wonderful couple. As evidence, we submit the downright fantastic Farmer's Reserve No. 3 ($10) from Almanac Beer Company. The California brewers draw you in with their classy bottle art, and keep your attention with this revitalizing, tart, wild ale. They employ coastal strawberries and high summer nectarines before aging this bad boy in white wine barrels for 12 months. So toss out your preconceived notions about how fruit and beer get along and add this to your list of summer beers to track down.

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