Epson Moverio Video Glasses

We're still not convinced that they're appropriate for use in public — or anywhere else, for that matter — but if you're unconcerned with appearances, these Epson Moverio Video Glasses ($TBA) should provide as good of a portable viewing experience as you'll find. Powered by Android 2.2, the Moverio offers 1GB of built-in memory, an included 4GB SD card which can be replaced by cards packing up to 32GB of storage, Wi-Fi, built-in Dolby Mobile 2 stereo earphones, transparent lenses for see-through viewing, QHD screens that are the equivalent of watching a 320-inch screen from 20 meters away, and support for side-by-side 3D content.

  • Motorola Motoactv

    When is an iPod nano not an iPod nano? When it's made by another company. The Motorola Motoactv ($250-$300) is an Android-powered nano lookalike — complete with a watch-friendly form factor — featuring a 1.6-inch touchscreen display, 8GB or 16GB of internal storage for music, Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity for connecting to existing fitness sensors and Android smartphones for call and text receiving, an FM radio, and GPS for keeping track of your training sessions. Basically, it's everything we wanted out of this year's iPod nano, but for Android. And what did Apple users get? Oh yeah — some new clocks.

  • DeLorean Time Machine

    Forget Hoverboards and funky sneakers — the real star of Back to the Future's gear smorgasbord was the DeLorean Time Machine ($TBA). One of only three original, on-screen models thought to currently exist, this particular example was used during the filming of Back to the Future III, and as such features both a Mr. Fusion in the rear and the weird tube and transistor part from the Old West. It'll be auctioned off later this year, with a portion of the proceeds fittingly going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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