Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery

Eating on-the-go can be a bit of a challenge when you have to use cheap, plastic utensils. But there's nothing challenging about Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery. Esbit has been making stoves and cookware for more than 75 years and adds to their utilitarian line with this great set of cutlery. Included is a fork, deep-bowl spoon, and serrated knife. All are made from 100% durable, lightweight, heat resistant, strong, non-corrosive titanium with no metallic taste. Easy to clean and transport for your next camping trip, each utensil is full-sized and the set includes a silicone sleeve to keep things together when you aren't using them.

  • Stagg Pour-Over System

    Like their simple-yet-brilliant kettle, the Stagg Pour-Over System has a cleverly clean design that makes it easy to brew fantastic coffee at home. It starts with the Dripper, a sleek black cylinder that's vacuum insulated for better heat retention. The Dripper also contains ratio aids to help you know the right amount of coffee to add, ensuring consistent quality, and steep inner slopes that boost extraction. The coffee ends up in the handblown, double-walled borosilicate carafe, where it'll stay hot until it's time to pour it into the included tasting glasses.

    Presented by Fellow.

  • Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

    When it comes to making coffee, performance is key, but a great looking brewer doesn't hurt either. The Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper gives you both by combining aesthetics and performance. A laser-cut stainless steel filter has an additional mesh inner liner, keeping your coffee's essential oils intact for a richer taste, while the borosilicate glass carafe won't absorb odors, chemicals, or residue that can carry over from brew to brew. Available in a black, natural, or mahogany finish, the wood details make your morning routine look as good as it tastes.

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