Escobedo Sea Dart

Mixing striking design with lightweight performance, the Escobedo Sea Dart looks as good as it handles. This canoe-kayak hybrid is built from Joubert Okoume marine plywood that's sourced from France, certified by Lloyd's of London, and generally considered the best in the world, joined using a Viking-era construction method that sees separate panels overlapped, glued together, coated with fiberglass, and then hand sanded. The result is a boat that's stable, able to navigate shallow waters with ease, and sixteen feet in length, yet weighs just 55 pounds. Available in three subtle color finishes, each boat is built-to-order in Buda, Texas.

  • Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

    Whether it's an emergency/survival situation or you just forgot to pack enough water into the forest, the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter will ensure you have fresh, clean drinking water. Its PointOne filter uses hollow fiber membranes comprised of U-shaped microtubes to block anything larger than 0.1 microns, letting water through while removing greater than 99.9999% of all bacteria and greater than 99.999% of all protozoa. Despite all this, it weighs on three ounces, rolls up into the collapsible pouch, has a push-pull cap for drinking straight from the filter, and can attach to most threaded water bottles.

  • Kaisr Inflatable Air Lounge

    As temperatures slowly rise, the pull towards the great outdoors gets stronger and stronger. But this year, instead of dragging that old, beat up lawn chair to every get-together, consider the ultra-light and comfortable Kaisr Inflatable Air Lounge. It's easy to setup and makes any surface comfortable, from the beach to the park to the pool, the Kaisr Air Lounge is your ticket to rest and relaxation. It's also equipped with pockets for your e-reader, smartphone, bottles or cans, and even a bottle opener. It deflates within seconds and is stored in a small pouch that's easy to take with you wherever your adventures take you.

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