Espro Press

Espro Press

Get all the flavor of a french press with none of the grit by brewing your coffee with an Espro Press ($85). This precision coffee brewer can make about 30 oz. of joe per pot, using a unique double-stage filter to keep grit and grounds out of your coffee, leaving only smooth, rich, flavorful coffee in its wake. If you're on the fence, consider this — the price will go up to $100 once the Kickstarter project ends in a couple weeks.

  • Knuckle Meat Pounder

    Beat your meat like it owes you money with the Knuckle Meat Pounder ($13). Fashioned after a set of brass knuckles, it's made from metal -- obviously -- and generally looks menacing while you use it to flatten your food or soften up your steak. May or may not be legal in your jurisdiction, so remember to keep it in the kitchen, okay?
    [Scouted by Trent]

  • Scanomat Top Brewer

    We've covered some minimalist coffee machines before, but damn. The Scanomat Top Brewer ($TBA) lurks underneath your kitchen counter or inside your island, using dual grinders to ensure your source is as fresh as possible, heating fresh water for every cup using a unique boiler system and cleaning itself automatically, all springing to life with a single tap on your iPhone. It takes just 15 seconds to deliver a cup of filtered coffee, 25 seconds for a shot of espresso, and likely even less time to empty your bank account.
    [Scouted by Frederik]

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