Estes Oracle Video Rocket

Estes Oracle Video Rocket

If you’re making an indie film and need one of those “first-person bullet” shots on the cheap, look no farther. The Estes Oracle Video Rocket ($120) is powered by model “D” Estes rockets, takes 320x240 video, and hooks up to your computer via USB. Okay, so we’re pretty sure that it’s not meant to be aimed at anything but the sky — it comes with an 18” parachute — but nonetheless, if you try it, we’re pretty sure it looks amazing.

  • Über Tap

    Although we don’t have the desperate need for taps like we did back in college, it still isn’t a bad idea to have one around for large get-togethers. The Über Tap ($90-$120) has three taps instead of one, eliminating the worst part of having a keg — waiting in line to get your beer. A foot pedal serves as the pump, and five different sizes make sure you can get one for your favorite beer. Binge drinking has never been easier. [Thanks, Kevin!]

  • Helmet-Cam ATC-1000

    We’ve all seen an NFL broadcast here and there and thought, “Damn one of those helmet cams would rock.” Well, now you can pick one up for yourself — the ATC-1000 Helmet Cam from Oregon Scientific ($120). It features 640x480 video captured at 15 fps onto an SD card or the 32MB built-in memory. Plus, it doesn’t come attached to a helmet so you can actually clip it to a bike, car, or just hide it in the bottom of your wife’s purse and find out what she does all day.

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