Eton Rukus Solar

Eton Rukus Solar

We've been fans of Eton's sun-powered speakers in the past, but unfortunately direct sunlight equals quick overheating messages from most devices. The Eton Rukus Solar ($150) takes care of this problem by acquiring its audio over Bluetooth, letting you store your device safely in the shade — or in your pocket. Other features include an easy-to-grip handle, an E Ink display, the ability to run off AC or solar power, dual 2.25-inch speakers, and an aux-in jack. Sunlight not included.

  • Hidden Speaker

    We like it when products combine multiple ideas into one — so integrating a speaker into a giant volume knob is pretty much the best thing we've ever seen. Okay, so maybe it's not that amazing, but the Hidden Speaker ($120) is pretty damn cool. Powered by rechargeable internal batteries offering over 30 hours of play time, it uses Bluetooth for wireless streaming audio support, and also offers a built-in AM/FM radio, and a 3.5mm input for technologically challenged audio sources.

  • Logitech Mini Boombox

    Let's face it: the speakers built-in to our phones and tablets aren't really cutting it for anything more than the random speakerphone call or video chat. For times when you want to rock out on the go, you need something a bit more substantial — something like the Logitech Mini Boombox ($100). Powered by rechargeable battery good for 10 hours of jamming, it features a specially-designed acoustic chamber for enhanced bass, Bluetooth A2DP for wireless audio streaming and control via the backlit touch controls, a 3.5mm input for less advanced audio sources, and even a built-in mic and Bluetooth Hands-Free support for taking better-than-normal speakerphone calls. All that's missing is a (smallish) bag to carry it in.

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