Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker

Expand your collection of display-worthy kitchen gadgets with the Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker ($90). Designed by Danish studio Tools, it features a glass carafe, a stainless steel tea filter, a flip-top lid that opens automatically when pouring, a colored silicone neck sleeve for a secure grip when pouring hot or cold liquids, and a one liter capacity. You can spoon tea leaves directly into the carafe for indefinite brewing — the filter will keep them from escaping into your drink — or place them inside the filter to brew for just a couple minutes, then press the plunger and pour.

  • Laguiole Golden Gate Bridge Knife

    Inspired by San Francisco's iconic landmark, the Laguiole Golden Gate Bridge Knife ($300) is handcrafted from stainless steel in the Laguiole region of France. The work of a single master cutler, it features a stylized bee made from steel used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, a handle cutout that recalls the structure's shape, and an included storage tube with bridge blueprint. Perfect for preparing a picnic in Golden Gate Park.

  • Rösle Pizza Wheel

    Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone loves cutting it. Whether it be a freshly homemade pie you whipped up yourself or just some delivery action that the stoned carrier forgot to cut properly, the Rösle Pizza Wheel ($35) can help you get it chopped up in no time. Sporting a surprisingly stylish body that puts your hand inside the free-running roller blade, it allows you to distribute pressure more evenly, making for cleaner cuts.

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