Lego blocks are great for building almost anything you can imagine. Unfortunately, if you want those creations to be adult-sized, you're going to need a ton of Legos. Or just some Everblock modular building blocks. With a design reminiscent of the Danish toys, they can be assembled into chairs, shelves, tables, beds, room dividers, or even complete temporary structures. Just like their smaller counterparts, they can be reused simply by disassembling whatever you've created, and come in 12", 6", and 3" sizes, with finishing caps available to give them a smooth appearance.

  • Awair Air Quality Monitor

    Clever name. Even more clever features. The Awair Air Quality Monitor, as the name suggests, uses a host of sensors to keep track of the air around you, including the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals, and dust. But instead of leaving it up to you to make use of those numbers, you tell it what's important you — allergy concerns, sleep quality, or productivity, for example — and it will make suggestions based on its reading to help change your behavior. In addition, it can also talk to connected devices like thermostats, humidifiers, air purifiers, filters, and fans, so it can take care of adjustments all on its own.

  • Prisma Skateboard Guitars

    The worlds of rock music and skateboarding aren't that far apart, but they are truly combined in the form of these Prisma Skateboard Guitars. Built using wood from broken and used skateboards, each guitar is legitimately one of a kind. The beautiful instruments use anywhere between 4 and 44 skateboards before they are completed by the a 22 year old self-taught woodworker who creates each one from scratch. Hours of skating get recycled into hours of strumming in the form of these truly unique pieces of musical art.

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