Everlane Weekender Bag

Since Everlane is all about offering luxury-quality goods at affordable prices, it's no surprise that their Weekender Bag ($95-$180) follows this formula perfectly. Sporting a canvas or suede outer with or without stripes, the bag is 22-inches long with leather handles that drop a full foot — making them great for handheld or shoulder use — as well as a waterproof lining, leather zipper pulls, a hidden interior pocket, and small metal feet to protect the bottom and help it stand upright.

  • Crumpled City Maps

    To hell with folding. If you're not feeling up to using Maps on your smartphone or tablet — or just don't want to ring up a huge international data bill — then consider packing one of these Crumpled City Maps ($15) on your next trip. Made from some sort of special technological material, these full-color maps can be opened and closed in just two seconds, provide details about streets, monuments, museums, and more, weigh only 21 grams, are 100% waterproof, and cram nicely into their included carrying pouches when you're tired of looking like a tourist.

  • Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack

    We've covered tons of bags over the years, but nearly all of them suffer from the same issue: their designs are static, and can't adapt to your specific needs. The Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack ($210 and up) can. Thanks to the unique Arkiv system that lets you easily attach mission-specific pouches to the outside of the bag, the waterproof, mil-spec Field Pack offers ample storage for anything you might need, while letting you cut extra weight by removing the pouches meant for items you don't. Made in the USA and available in two sizes with black, dark gray, or waxed canvas exteriors.

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