Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

Ever wish there was a way to easily, seamlessly digitize everything you've poured into your trusted notebook? Now there is. The Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook ($25-$30) has been specially designed to let you quickly and easily snap a photo of each page using the Evernote app, making all your words and notes instantly searchable and sortable. Included Smart Stickers let you automatically tag pages and passages, and Skitch arrows to draw attention to important things on the page. It's as close as you can come to writing on your iPhone with an actual pen and paper.

  • Systm iPhone Cases

    Hardcore waterproof protection is necessary for some, but most iPhone users just want a case that will keep their glass baby from shattering when it takes an inevitable tumble. Systm iPhone Cases ($25-$50) can handle the latter situation with aplomb, using raised side bumpers, reinforced corners, and, in the more advanced models, Poron XRD foam to protect your device from damage. Oh, and they seem to have a thing for orange. No problems there.

  • Double Robot

    Finally, a way to be in two places at once — kind of. The Double Robot ($2,000) is a unique robot that mounts an iPad atop a motorized stand, letting you see, hear, and move about far-away environments using nothing but an iPad on the other end. A touch-based interface makes controlling the Double a breeze, while an accelerometer and gyroscope work to keep the 10"-wide robot stable until you're done moving it, at which point dual kickstands pop out to let the battery take a rest. Welcome to the future. [Scouted by Frederik]

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