Exo Watercraft

Exo Watercraft

Somewhere between a jet ski and a boogie board lies the Exo Watercraft ($TBA). Crafted from reinforced ABS plastic or carbon fiber, the Exo is a solid, lay down-style watercraft that's powered by your choice of a 3.5, 4.5, or 7Kwh electric engine and removable battery packs that run a silent water-jet propulsion system, letting you skim across the top of the water with speed and unnatural control, while creating no emissions and no noise. Just the thing for stealth beer runs from the boat back to shore.

  • Sealander

    Who cares if your camper rolls down the hill and into the lake — you've got the Sealander (€15,000; roughly $20,500). This unique tow-behind solves the question of whether to bring the boat or the camper by functioning as both, thanks to a low-emission electric outboard motor, a fully-equipped interior with a cooking/washing module, a cooler, a heater, and seating that converts into a bed, all packed inside a watertight package that's sure to draw confused looks at the local boat dock.

  • Almond x Linus Summer Bike

    This gives the term "beach cruiser" a whole new meaning. Developed in collaboration with Almond Surfboards, the Almond x Linus Summer Bike ($1,300) is based on Linus' Roadster Classic model, which combines a single speed coaster break with a more commute-friendly frame, and features a handmade cherry wood crate and leather top tube cover, as well as a board rack from Block Surf and your choice of Almond's sandia fish, pogie fish, kookumber, quadkumber, or sea kitten shortboards.

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