Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac

With motorcycle riding weather in the near future, it's time to plan properly for your next adventure. This Motorcyle Bivouac from Exposed is up to the challenge, providing a shelter using your motorcycle as part of the supporting structure. There is enough room for one person and some gear and it adapts fully to motorcycles of different heights. It's made using the durable fabric Cordura, making it twice as durable as a normal tent. It also comes complete with a peg and pole pocket and leather binding straps for packing and mounting.

  • Jeep Mud Mask

    Your Jeep was built to handle the toughest of trails. Yet most of the time it sits either in your driveway or the parking garage by your office. Give it a taste of freedom with Jeep Mud Mask. Created for the brand's 75th anniversary, this whimsical car care product is in fact a tastefully-designed 375 ml can of dirt. Add some water and you've got a fine mud that's perfect for making it appear you spent the weekend adventuring instead of at Ikea looking for a new couch. Limited to just 75 cans, it's not available for sale, so for the time being potting soil will have to do.

  • Pioneer Airbow

    The power of a bow. The precision and convenience of a rifle. Whether you're hunting for food, taking aim at some paper targets, or ridding your property of pests, the Pioneer Airbow is ready. It's based on Benjamin's PCP platform, and uses 3,000 psi of compressed air to fire off as many as eight full-length arrows at a speedy 450 feet per second. It can be refilled via a hand pump or charging system, is paired with a CenterPoint 6x40 mm scope, can fire all eight shots in the time a crossbow takes to fire three, and uses an ambidextrous top cocking bolt for added safety. Arrows, sling, and quiver included.

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