Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

If you're using a dSLR or other digicam that doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi, there's still hope. The Eye-Fi Wireless 2GB SD Card ($100) packs 2GB of storage (obviously) and Wi-Fi functionality into a normally-sized SD card that's compatible with any SD-capable camera. Send pictures wirelessly back to your computer, printer, or to your favorite photo-sharing service, including Flickr. A great way to add some functionality to an older camera.
[Thanks, Todd]

  • iRobot ConnectR

    While the Looj takes care of your dirty business, the iRobot ConnectR (under $500; 2008) handles something much more personal: interactions with your family. With the ConnectR, you can enjoy VOIP-quality video and two way audio communications with anyone back at home, thanks to the robot's full tilt-and-zoom video camera, speaker, microphone and headlight, which are controlled remotely via included software. The idea? Never miss another moment just because you aren't there.

  • iRobot Looj

    Tired of cleaning your gutters, or worse yet, dealing with clogged gutters? The iRobot Looj (starting at $100) is like a Roomba for your gutters, using a rotating three-stage auger to sweep out dirt, leaves, and debris. As a bonus, the detachable handle serves as a wireless remote, letting you control the robot while it cleans, leaving you safely (and happily) on the ground.

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