EZ Robot Kits

Made as a robotics kit for the everyman, the EZ Robot Kits make building, customizing, and programming your own robot accessible to anyone — even if you don't have a degree in engineering or computer science. With three chassis available (a hexapod, a humanoid, and a tracked roller) you can build on each with modular components like arms, legs, servos, sensors, and cameras. Their EZ-Builder software lets you construct robots digitally before assembling them, and write programs with a simple-to-use interface, letting you share your creations across the community. And for those feeling a little more adventurous, you can even 3D-print pieces for your robot at home.

  • BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer

    3D printers are undoubtedly cool. And they can also be useful — assuming what you need to print can fit inside the typically tiny dimensions of your printer. On that count, you should have no troubles with the BigRep Large Scale 3D Printer. This mammoth machine can print objects well over a cubic meter in size, or roughly 45" x 40" x 47" at its limits, and doesn't skimp on detail, either, with dual tool heads offering 100 micron resolution. Print a table, print a chair, print your imaginary best friend — just print something, because owning one of these and failing to use it would be a real shame.

  • Safeplug

    Privacy may not be your chief concern when you're browsing the web — but it probably should be. Each time you venture out onto the web, you're vulnerable, because each site can access your IP address, giving them the ability to find your physical location. With Safeplug, you can feel safe on the internet again, browsing anonymously and securely. It works using a service called Tor (already well-used by foreign journalists and privacy nuts alike), which routes your internet traffic through a series of random locations, making it impossible to determine where you are. All you need to do is plug it into your router, set it up, and in about a minute you'll be basking in anonymity.

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