Let's see: the ability to send handwritten cards without needing to walk into the candle fragrance minefield of the nearby card shop? Sign us up. Felt (Free; $4/card) is a new app for the iPad that lets you handwrite your own personal message — using the pen type and color of your choice — inside the card, then add that extra touch by handwriting the address that will go on the outside of the envelope. Felt will then print your message on Mohawk card stock, seal it in the custom-printed envelope, and send it out — no need to wait in line, staring at creepy porcelain figurines and gaudy photo frames. You're welcome. [Scouted by Lake]

  • Twitter Music

    Up 'til now, Twitter has been a great place to discover what's happening, what your friends are doing, and what everyone's talking about. But finding new music? Not so hot. Until today, that is. Twitter #Music ($Free) is a new official app that makes it easy to find what songs are trending, what artists are emerging, what the artists you follow are listening to, and what tracks your friends are digging. Just sign in with your Twitter account, link the app with Spotify or Rdio, and enjoy. Also, please note that denoting a song as "such a great track" is a pretty sure-fire way to ensure no one ever listens to it.

  • Status Board

    It's a question we've often asked ourselves: "Why not give our iPads something to do while they spend their sad days in docks next to our Macs?" Well, the guys a Panic must have been thinking the same thing, because they've created exactly what we've been looking for. Status Board ($10) gives you an at-a-glance overview of the time, weather, your calendar, email, Twitter timeline, and RSS feeds, plus three Pro options to turn your JSON or CSV data into graphs or tables. You can even design your own panels using HTML. Have a TV hanging on the wall, doing nothing all day? Hook your iPad up via HDMI or via AirPlay to an Apple TV and Status Board will use it to display your info instead — which is way more useful than just watching reruns of SportsCenter all day.

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