Fender American Professional Guitars

Introduced in 1987, Fender's American Standard series served as the company's off-the-shelf flagship for 30 years. That run ends with Fender American Professional Guitars. Meant to replace the venerable Standard, the lineup improves on these beloved instruments in a number of ways. There's a new Deep C neck shape, new V-Mod or Shaw pickups, genuine bone nuts, and three new colorways. In all, the collection covers 16 models in 11 different colors, including the classic Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Precision Bass, each of which arrives in an Elite Molded Case.

  • Seaboard Rise Keyboard

    When it comes to musical instruments, it's not easy to create an innovative product that really changes the landscape of how musicians create sound. But the Seaboard Rise Keyboard is doing just that. It looks like no keyboard you've seen before, with an exterior composed of high-quality extruded black anodized aluminum, making it tough but light enough to transport. The silicone keywave surface is custom-engineered for a firm but fluid feel. And feel is how you play the Rise — moving your fingers from side to side, sliding them up keywaves or along ribbons to modulate the sound intuitively. It's battery powered, so you can play untethered, or just plug into a computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect to the software or hardware of your choice. Choose from the two-octave Seaboard Rise 25 or the four-octave Seabord Rise 49.

  • USPS Gift Tracking Ornament

    One of the best parts of the holidays is getting to watch your loved ones open the gifts you bought them. That becomes a little difficult when you need to ship their gifts across the country. With the USPS Gift Tracking Ornament, you can follow their progress from transit to delivery, and — for the first time ever — opening. The kit comes with a special box equipped with a tracker, as well as the ornament, which changes colors to let you know the package's status. When it turns green, that means the box has been opened, which in turn means it's time to fire up FaceTime and see those smiling faces for yourself.

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