Fender Tone

The times, they are a-changing. While digital modeling amps are nothing new, the connectivity of the Fender Mustang GT Amps and companion Tone app is. Using a WiFi and Bluetooth connection, it lets you browse through tons of presets — custom, preset, or straight from big-name artists — on your phone, select the perfect sound with just a tap, and access a plethora of effects. The amp itself is based on Fender's best-selling Mustang series, and is available in three sizes from 40 to 200 watts, making it a great companion for the bedroom, studio, or stage.

  • River Mobile Power Station

    Admit it; you need your electronic devices charged up at all times and kind of freak out when you aren't near a charging option for more than a few hours. The River Mobile Power Station will not only put your fears to rest, but can take care everyone in your group as well. The River will let you charge up to 11 devices simultaneously thanks to its total output of 500 watts — which is double the power of anything on the market. You can even utilize the four quick-charge ports which charge devices twice as fast as standard ports. It's lightweight and easy to transport, and when it needs a charge itself, use a standard outlet or car charger, and in 8 hours it's ready to work — for a full year. Load it up on your next road trip, camping excursion, or day at the beach or keep it nearby for emergencies at home.

  • Asprey Sterling Silver Safe

    The name might suggest that it's a safe with unique features for storing sterling silver. Instead, the Asprey Sterling Silver Safe is made from it. Crafted in the company's workshops, the eight-inch cube has a working safe mechanism, silver dial, and silver feet. A perfect place to keep your most valuable items, as well as the perfect prize for the jewel thief who wants the safe to be as valuable as its contents.

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