Ferrari Golf Collection

You already drive a Ferrari to the golf course, so why not hit your drives with one while you're there? The Ferrari Golf Collection ($TBA) is the result of a collaboration between the legendary Italian automaker and Cobra/Puma golf, and includes the signature Cobra Ferrari Driver, which is based on the Cobra ZL Encore, but has undergone some changes at the hands of Ferrari's engineers to improve aerodynamics, increase club head speed, and generally make it look more badass. Other pieces of the collection include an accessory range with premium visors, belts, gloves, umbrellas and bags, an apparel range with polos, knits, jackets and pants, and a signature Ferrari Golf Shoe. Coming to stores July 1. [Scouted by Miguel]

  • Search And State Cycling Apparel

    Ditch your garish riding gear and step up to the understated elegance of Search And State Cycling Apparel. Handmade in the USA, the collection includes a jersey made from lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying microbial fabric that's designed to withstand repeated washings, and a jacket that's waterproof, windproof, and constructed from Scholler C-Change material that serves as a climate membrane, closing up when temperatures are low and opening in response to warmth. Other features include Riri zippers, rear pockets, and an appropriately tailored fit. [via]

  • Louis Vuitton Golf Bags

    Sure, it's a ton of money to spend on something that won't do a thing to help your game, but if your trips to the course are more like social calls and less like serious competition, perhaps these Louis Vuitton Golf Bags ($12,000-$13,500) can class up your clubhouse. Available in Monogram or Damier varieties, they offer room for a full set of clubs with six interior compartments, several outer pockets for balls, gloves, towels, and other small items, large studs on the base to protect the leather, and a removable cover. Oh, and remember to tip your caddie, because with a bag like this, the old "I left my wallet at home" trick isn't likely to go over well.

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