Few Breakfast Gin

Made with the classic French 75 cocktail in mind, Few Breakfast Gin proves that gin should have a spot at your next brunch. Few considered adding coffee to make this gin stand out, but instead went with Earl Grey tea, as it compliments the juniper and citrus flavors of the gin. While the idea for a Breakfast Gin started off as a bit of a joke around the distillery, no one is laughing now at this perfect cocktail companion.

  • 1897 Quinine Gin

    While it seems like a lifesaver at times, gin won't actually save lives, until now. 1897 Quinine Gin was released this week on World Mosquito Day because every bottle that is sold pushes half of the profits towards the Malaria No More Charity. This great cause also happens to include a great gin, made with cinchona bark, a traditional source of quinine, which has been used as an antimalarial for centuries. Ten botanicals were used, including fresh citrus peels that were part cold distilled using a vacuum still to extract the freshest flavors.

  • Anty Gin

    The Nordic Food Lab and The Cambridge Distillery have teamed up to create a gin that is the first in the world to use red wood ants. Anty Gin actually distills the wood ants known for the formic acid that sits in their abdomens, which just happens to be a perfect reactive compound for alcohol. Each bottle is labeled using The Cambridge Distillery's 1924 typewriter and contains the essence of around 62 wood ants. And when Bulgarian juniper berries and wild springtime botanicals are added, it's a unique gin that not only fits well in a cocktail, but carries an incredible story with it as well.

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