Fiat Ducato Camper Van

Entirely modular and available in an array of configurations, the Fiat Ducato Camper Van is ready for your next adventure, no matter what your needs. This versatile vehicle comes in three different wheelbases, four lengths, and three heights, with eight volume options. The square base shape lets you make the most of the load compartment, whether you need it loaded with technical gear or creature comforts, and the tight turning radius and adjustable steering make it feel more like a car than a truck while you're traveling to your next campsite.

  • Wally Tango Sailing Yacht

    With a sleek design and impressive performance, the Wally Tango Sailing Yacht is a worthy addition to the Wallycento fleet of racing cruisers. Measuring 100 feet in length, the Tango's form was developed in collaboration with Italian shipbuilders Persico Marine and Ireland-based naval architect Mark Mills, using a carbon fiber and Nomex sandwich material for the hull to keep weight down and improve its speed. In addition to its light 47.5-ton weight, the Tango also saw its engine room and service areas moved to the middle of the ship to optimize the center of gravity and improve the sailing experience. The exterior isn't the only area in which it's different, however, as the spacious cabin sports a futuristic design courtesy of Pininfarina. The vessel will make its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show before competing in its first race, an event in Saint-Tropez where it will face off against the other three Wallycentos.

  • Priority Continuum Onyx Bicycle

    Taking its name from the continuously variable transmission hub, the Continuum Bicycle from Priority is back and available for the first time in Onyx. The next generation edition allows riders to enjoy a quiet, smooth ride without the need to shift under load or skip gears thanks to the seamlessly shifting NuVinci rear hub. All you need to do is twist the shifter grip to the ideal resistance to climb hills with ease. And the belt drive replaces the oily, messy chain most bikes employ, requiring no lube and minimal cleaning. It's great for any weather and promises to cut down on your commute time as well.

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