Field Notes Arts & Sciences Notebooks

While they're commonly lumped together, Arts and Sciences are two very different disciplines — different enough that they should have their own notebooks. Or at least that's the idea behind Field Notes Arts & Sciences Notebooks. Part of the ongoing Colors series, these limited-edition books are larger than normal — 7.5" x 4.75" — and offer 64 pages each. The Arts book gets a wine-colored cover containing handy information, right-side pages with quarter-inch gray rules for prose and poetry, and blank left-side pages, while the Sciences book sports a slate gray cover filled with formulas and theories, right-side pages with an all-new Engineers Graph, and blank left-side pages for whatever doesn't go on a graph.

  • Cherner Task Chair

    After years of contention, litigation, and general difficulty, the mid-century modern design created by Norman Cherner, the Cherner Task Chair has reemerged. Based on original sketches and prototypes created in the 1950s, the update of this classic chair is the result of Cherner's sons' work to revive their father's vision. With its five casters, swiveling design, height-adjustable seat, and comfortable armrests, this task chair is a work horse that will get you through a hard day on the job. Made from steel and walnut, it has an aesthetic that reveals its strength and utility, while looking right at home in just about any workspace.

  • Nuboard

    Notebooks are great, but unless you're writing in pencil, they're one-use affairs. Whiteboards are great for sharing ideas with others — but who wants to carry around a whiteboard everywhere? Nuboard combines the two into a slick sketching and sharing tool. This A4-sized notebook features multiple pages of whiteboard-like material, separated by translucent sheets that let you expand on your thoughts with overlays. It's like a full presentation, only in notebook form.

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