FieldCandy Tents

Make the outdoors your own by laying your head down inside one of these FieldCandy Tents ($620 and up). These spacious two-person tents — apart from offering lockable storage pockets, sturdy, easy-to-set-up poles, breathable cotton construction, and a large porch to hide your gear — feature huge, full-length graphics that transform the structure from a colorful blot on the landscape into a book, brick building, tweed jacket, illustration, giant piece of cheese — pretty much anything you'd want. [Scouted by Jon]

  • Bean Bag Sled

    We're pretty sure that someone, somewhere has slid down a snow-covered hill atop a bean bag before, but they probably didn't have as good a time as you could aboard the Bean Bag Sled ($300). To reduce the shock to your lower back, it features an inflatable air bladder inside, which is surrounded by tons of the 2mm polystyrene spheres you'd expect, and also boasts top and sides made from double-stitched PVC-coated polyester, a bottom mesh of double-coated PVC, and a strap. Quick, where's the non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant?

  • Mirrorcube

    Look closely and you'll see your hidden home away from home. The Mirrorcube ($377,000) is a nearly-invisible treehouse that truly blends in with nature. Built with exterior walls made from reflective "spyglass," the pre-fab structure reflects its surroundings to become almost undetectable. (An infrared film, invisible to humans but visible to birds is placed within the glass to stop kamikazes.) Designed by Scandinavian architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård, it's got a wood and aluminum body, and comes complete with restroom, queen-size bed, and Goonies-esque rope bridge.

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