FiftyThree x Moleskine Book

If you've spent any time drawing and painting with Paper on your iPad, you know it's about the most beautiful, easiest way to create art on a tablet. With the FiftyThree x Moleskine Book ($40), you can turn collections of the digital art you create using Paper into a custom-made and bound book. Thanks to their partnership with Moleskin, each 15-page foldout book is made of high-quality Italian paper, with a durable cover and an elastic band to keep it all together — just like your favorite notebook.

  • Coast

    With the wealth of competing apps available for iOS, it only makes sense that you should be able to choose which web browser you'd like to use — but until recently, Safari was the only option on your iPad. With Coast by Opera ($Free), you get a web browser that was built from the ground up with tablet usage in mind, meaning it works using intuitive swipe- and gesture-based controls, eliminating all the chrome clutter you're used to. You can customize how the re-imagined browser's home screen appears, letting you keep your favorite sites just a tap away at all times (like our own Devour, which comes already bookmarked in the app), and sites stay open in the background, automatically updating and letting you swipe back and forth at will. It's our new default browser.

  • Mem:o

    Whether you want to track every purchase you make at the grocery, the number of hours you spent at the gym, or every book you've ever read, do so with the charmingly simple data visualization app Mem:o (Free). It allows you to view each snippet of data, or memo, as a circle, with bits of text and numbers to help add meaning. You then collect each of these related memos onto a board or calendar, letting you see all your information at once. Share your collections with friends on Facebook or Twitter, or just hoard them all and reflect back some day.

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