Fight Club Soap

Get yourself clean Tyler Durden-style with Fight Club Soap ($20). Inspired by Chuck Palahniuk's novel and sporting the logo of the film adaptation, this caffeinated, color-matched pink soap is completely usable, although that kind of defeats the point.

  • On The Job Hand Regimen

    No matter how hard we try, we're still guys, and we tend not to take care of our hands as much as our partners would prefer. On The Job Hand Regimen ($19) does the hard work for you, with a waterless Hand Cleaner that removes dirt, paint, grease, and other nasty stuff by getting in between the dirt and your skin, a tough Hand Armor that forms a breathable polymer glove over your skin to help make cleanup even easier, and a dual-action Hand Lotion that packs a first-aid antiseptic and penetrating moisturizers to leave your hands feeling as soft as they should.

  • Bread & Butter Skincare Kit

    Keep clean and looking good while being your old, lazy self. Bread & Butter Skincare ($85) sends you a Winter Kit with all your bathroom essentials as soon as you place your order, and then in the first week of June, they'll send you their Summer Kit with warm weather specific face stuff. The winter kit includes two tubes of daily face cleanser, two tubes of daily face moisturizer, a stick of daily lip balm, and a sample of daily body moisturizer, while the summer kit comes with two tubes of daily face cleanser, two tubes of daily SPF face moisturizer, and a sample of daily shave gel.

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