Filson x Feathered Friends Sleeping Bag

Based in Seattle, Feathered Friends knows a thing or two about staying warm and dry. The Filson x Feathered Friends Sleeping Bag draws on this experience to create a capable outdoor collab. Filson's 6 oz. dry finish cover cloth is used for the gray outer shell, while the snap-in inner liner is made from 8-oz. Alaskan Guide cotton flannel. In between is a layer of nylon taffeta, and for added protection in the harshest weather, there's a zipper-attached condor hood.

  • Kindling Cracker

    Designed by a school-aged kid looking to keep her digits intact by avoiding axes, the Kindling Cracker can create ideal fire-starting slivers of wood using nothing more than a mallet. You just slip a six-inch or smaller diameter log through the top, then use a hammer, mallet, or even another piece of wood to drive it down onto the splitting head. It weighs just 11 pounds, so it's easy to bring along to the campsite, has mounting holes for more permanent installation, and is crafted in Australia from high-quality cast iron, so it'll last for generations.

  • Autonomous Tent

    Designed by architect Harry Gesner to be both beautiful and portable, the Autonomous Tent is an eco-conscious way to enjoy the outdoors. Available in two sizes — the 700 sq ft Cocoon and the 1,000 sq ft Tipi — these shelters can be set up or taken down in a matter of days, with a curved design that features strong frames made from steel, aluminum, or laminated beams, and translucent fabric shells engineered to handle winds of up to 90 mph and heavy loads of snow. They sit on wooden decks, so they don't need a foundation, and they can easily hook in to available utilities or, if necessary, can be outfitted with solar panels, composting systems, grey water systems, and other equipment that allow them to operate off-grid.

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