Firefly Trailer

Not everyone needs (or even wants) a full-fledged RV when they take to the road, and for some, even a small towable trailer is overkill. For the guy who doesn't need much, but still wants the comfort and security of an enclosed space to rest his head, there's the Firefly Trailer ($TBA). Designed and built by a former NASA architect who specializes in small habitats (and being sold by the company behind the unique Cricket Trailer) , this lightweight aluminum living space drops easily into the bed of a pickup truck. It features a folding couch perfect for sleeping and sitting, plenty of storage space to hold your essentials, and lunar-lander-like legs to keep it safely off the ground.

  • Dick van Hoff x Thomas Eyck Lunch Set

    At some point outdoor gear and menswear collided to form the sort of rustic aesthetic that simultaneously shouts stylish and rugged — and the byproduct of that meeting looks something like this Dick van Hoff x Thomas Eyck Lunch Set ($300). While it's a steep price to pay to be prepared for a day on the trail and to look damn good doing it, there's no doubt it will last for years to come thanks to its fine leather and aluminum construction. So pack up your Pendleton bed roll, throw on your rawest pair of selvage jeans, and get ready to be the best-dressed guy at the trailhead. Just don't forget to pack a lunch.

  • Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower

    When the white death approaches, defy your strongest urges to hole up with a warm blanket, slippers, and a space heater and dig your way out into the world with the Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower ($400). It features a heavy-duty 2-blade rubber auger that's capable of clearing an 18-inch-wide path through snow up to ten inches deep. It's also cord and gas free, so you can run it for as long as 40 minutes on a single charge, without ever having to worry about priming, tune-ups, extension cords, or noisy two-stroke motors. So while everyone else is griping about what a pain winter weather is, you'll be out enjoying the simple beauty of a freshly-fallen snow.

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