Firestone Fireye Mini Headphone Amp

Great headphones are, well, great. What's not so great is the inability of many portable devices to drive cans with impedance of 32 or higher. The Firestone Fireye Mini Headphone Amp ($40) fixes this problem, by sitting in between your device's headphone jack and the headphones themselves, providing a healthy signal boost without adding much in the way of noise. Just charge it up via USB and you'll be ready to rock out for up to 24 hours before your next charge.

  • Nocs NS900 Headphones

    Whether you're an aspiring club DJ, or a seasoned veteran who has been spinning records in crowded dance halls for years, the Nocs NS900 Headphones ($250) were made with you in mind. Enclosed, interchangeable ear cushions house specially-developed 40 millimeter titanium coated drivers to deliver dynamic, balanced sound, even in spaces filled with the loudest audiences. The durable construction features replaceable parts, a PVD-coated adjustable stainless steel headband with a comfortable inner band, and a range of available cables to connect to just about any device. So, no matter where you find your next gig, you'll have a set of headphones that fits perfectly, sounds great, and will never let you down.

  • Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Headphones

    When buying a pair of headphones from the company who invented them, you'd expect a certain level of quality — and that's exactly what you'd get with the Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Headphones ($1,000). Meant for perfectly reproducing any sound in the studio, these headphones feature electrostatic transducers for a flat recency response across the range for clean bass and perfect sound quality.

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