First Tracks

Alarms are great if you're looking to be among the first to hit the slopes in the morning — but there's something disappointing about waking with the sun only to find out that last night's fresh snow has already been befouled. Keep that from happening with First Tracks. This app from cold weather outfitter Helly Hansen uses your location and local weather information to wake you up at your designated time if nothing's changed, but earlier than expected if there's fresh powder to be had. It's as close as you can come to having a snow sensor in your pocket.

  • Goji Play

    It's not always easy to motivate yourself to be active and get in to the gym, especially once it starts to get cold out. It's much easier to stuff your face, get comfortable on the couch, and play video games. But what if you could turn working out into a video game? With Goji Play ($100) you can. With controllers to let you play, wireless sensors to measure your activity, and their iPad app, you can turn your activity on a cardio machine into a number of fun video games. It's the easiest way to make your daily cardio go by in what seems like minutes, while making it a bit easier to get yourself off that couch.

  • Plowz

    Snow days used to be fun. But there's nothing fun about waking up on a cold morning, bundling up in your warmest clothes, pulling on a pair of boots, and shoveling all the freshly-fallen flakes from your driveway just so you can get to work. With Plowz ($25 and up) you can easily schedule a snowplow to come do all the hard work for you, so you never have to worry about shoveling again. They work with local plow providers, so you don't have to, letting you pay, tip, and schedule directly from the app. You pay based on the length of your driveway, and schedule the work on your time, taking all the pain out of winter weather.

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