Fiskars Shop Boss Hardware Snip

When you need to cut through some serious stuff, don't settle for anything less than the Fiskars Shop Boss Hardware Snip. The ideal tool for cutting aluminum siding, roof flashing, screens, light sheet metal, and wire, it features a serrated blade edge that holds onto any material you're cutting so you don't have to worry about slipping. The titanium blade coating resists corrosion, wear from heavy use, and scratching, while the asymmetrical, contoured handles are great for working with gloves and using either hand.

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool

    Most multi-tools try to provide a range of tools that are handy for all sorts of people. The Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool ($50) bucks this trend by providing a set of tools for a very specific group — cyclists. The compact tool offers a tire lever, an L-wrench, eight bits for the most common types of screws, an impact-proof plastic holder for the bits, and a stainless steel bit adapter. It's not everything you might need, but it covers most of what you're likely to need, and that's more enough to justify packing the 3.5 oz. package along with you. [via]

  • Commando Locks

    Why buy a Master Lock when you can buy the lock they use as a basis for theirs? Commando Locks ($12-$20) use the same Interlock technology as Master — Commando invented it, after all — and are available in a variety of styles and sizes that should fit your needs. They're not 100% made in the USA, but they do try to use as much domestic manufacturing as they can, which goes a long way when a vast majority of locks on the market are imported from somewhere else.

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