When you venture out into the wilderness, most of the time all you want to do is completely disconnect from the rest of the world, but all too often, that's just not an option. When you can't afford to be completely off the grid, but know you'll still need to recharge your gadgets, throw the FlameStower ($60) into your pack. All it needs to generate enough electricity to charge the batteries of your USB-connected devices is the heat from your camping or cook fire. Lightweight and reliable, it works by conducting heat to a thermoelectric generator, which is in contact with a water reservoir — the combination of hot and cold produces enough juice to charge your device in as little as three hours.

  • Leather Fly Swatter

    Nothing disrupts an outdoor meal quite like a swarm of pesky, winged pests. Strike fear into their hearts and thin their numbers with the Leather Fly Swatter ($24). An excellent example of form following function, these stylish leather and steel swatters are as useful as they are good-looking. The leather surface will last a long time, and wipes down easily, so you don't need to leave the splattered remains of dispatched flies all over it (unless you think that sends a message warning off future hordes).

  • Honda Mean Mower

    Anyone who ever said mowing the lawn wasn't fun obviously never cut their grass with the Honda Mean Mower ($TBA). While they sourced the body from a production mower, this machine is all hotrod underneath. Its 309 pounds sit on a custom chassis and suspension, with wheels taken from an ATV. Power comes from a 109 horsepower VTR Firestorm 1,000cc engine, driven through a paddle-shifted six-speed transmission. The best part — it'll hit 60mph in just four seconds, and has an estimated top speed of 130mph. That'll make short work of any yard.

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