Flare Pans

There are plenty of pots and pans out there that promise faster cook times and more even heating — but none of them feature technology designed by an actual rocket scientist. Surrounded by unique fins that effectively channel heat upwards from your cook top, these Flare Pans heat up quicker while cooking your food faster and more evenly. Able to cook as much as 44% faster than standard cookware, these pots and pans are made from highly-conductive cast aluminum. Choose from a saucepan, a lidded stockpot, and frying pans in two sizes, or buy them in a set and experience the benefits of speedier, more uniform cooking.

  • Aromafork

    You are probably aware that your sense of smell plays a huge role in how your food tastes. You probably weren't aware that there's a fork that lets you play around with scents without actually changing what's going in your mouth. The Aromafork features a slot for blotter paper built into the handle, letting you drop essences of 21 different aromas — sorted into Beans, Fruits, Herbs, Nuts, Spices, and Umami — and experiment with the relationship between your nose and your mouth.

  • Bkon Craft Brewer

    Brewing tea, brewing coffee, or infusing a liquid with flavor — all done every day, all over the world. But not like this. The Bkon Craft Brewer is aiming to revolutionize the brewing process with a technology it calls RAIN — Reverse Atmospheric INfusion. Basically, it does its magic in a vacuum chamber, using negative pressure (and lower temperatures) to coax every bit of flavor out of your tea, herbs, fruit, or whatever else you put in there and blend it perfectly with the liquid of your choosing. Oh, and it takes only a minute for tea, and a couple for vodka. And it sports a touchscreen that's pre-loaded with hundreds of recipes and hooked to the cloud for sharing/downloading more, meaning all you need is some tea, some water, and a finger to tap the screen.

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