Flexr Folding Pullup Bar

Everyone knows the value of a good chin-up or pull-up set, but many hotel gyms don't have what you need to stick to your body weight regimen. Innovating on the now-classic design of door-frame mounted bars, the Flexr Folding Pullup Bar is a surprisingly travel-friendly option. It collapses down into a bundle that can fit in your daypack or desk drawer without a second thought. The build is sturdy, with bent steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and injection-molded plastic components, yet weighs just six pounds, so it's fine for slipping in your checked bag.

  • Pill Pack

    Dealing with multiple medications can be a hassle. Pill Pack aims to make it as painless as possible. This online full-service pharmacy delivers a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications to your door each month. Each sachet of pills is labeled with the time, date, and any notes on how to take them, and is stored in a convenient dispenser. Other medications that can't be placed in packets, such as liquids or inhalers, are also included in each month's package, and an online software platform called PharmacyOS makes it easy to manage your various prescriptions, refills, and renewals.

  • Panatea Instant Matcha

    Matcha green tea is a great coffee alternative​ with tons of health benefits. It​ ​delivers comparable energy without the jitters or caffeine crash​ of coffee​​, and it's​ ​packed with ​healthy ​antioxidants​ that support metabolism. PANATEA Instant Matcha packets are the perfect way to enjoy this clean green energy​. Made from the best matcha​ in Japan, these​ ​packets dissolve instantly in hot or cold water, making them ideal for​ ​drinking on the go and at the gym.

    Presented by PANATEA.

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