Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and what better way to enjoy it than as a sandwich. The Frankenstein-esque Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster ($TBA) takes all the hassle out of cooking a great breakfast sandwich, so you can stop resorting to greasy fast or frozen food. The top portion functions like a typical toaster, with room for two pieces of bread, a bagel, or an english muffin. The side portion folds down, revealing an electric griddle, so you can fry an egg and cook a sausage at the same time. And because it combines two or three appliances into one machine, it's perfect for those of you living in apartments the size of cardboard refrigerator boxes.

  • S'more to Love

    It's not summer without a few s'mores, and there's no better — or easier — way to cook up a bunch than with the S'more to Love S'more Maker ($15). This metal kitchen/campfire/grilling tool lets you make six treats at a time by locking them into place in individual holders. With metal legs, it's possible to use it not just over a fire, but in the oven, in a toaster oven, or even on the grill.

  • Bacon Press

    We've all had it happen: your bacon curls as it fries, leaving you with scorched valleys and none-too-crispy peaks. If you want to alleviate this but keep that fried bacon taste, you need a Bacon Press ($12-$14). These two options from Nopro are made from sturdy, heavy cast iron, feature large press surfaces for handling multiple slices at once, sport wooden handles that won't get hot, and also work great for sandwiches, burgers, or anything else you want to cook evenly and don't mind getting a little squished.

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