Flir One Thermal Imager

Hardcore handymen can tell you that thermal imaging is a lifesaver for finding water and air leaks, spotting overloaded electrical connections, and many other household issues. The Flir One Thermal Imager brings this power to your iPhone 5 or 5S. This advanced add-on combines the thermal image with the photo from a military-grade night vision camera to provide outstanding picture clarity, letting you see what's hiding in plain sight, whether it be a problem in the house, an animal in the dark, or just who's putting off the most heat at the gym.

  • Swich Wireless Charger

    If you've jumped aboard the wireless charging bandwagon, you probably know that most wireless charging stations are flat, squarish surfaces not conducive to actually using your phone. The Swich Wireless Charger is different. Offering support for the Qi charging standard, it features a microsuction charging platform with a viewer-friendly angle that can rotate from vertical to horizontal, allowing you to switch the orientation on your phone. In addition, it boasts a ceramic base and platform, with a piece of American walnut cut to resemble the shape of a wave in the middle, making it something you'll be proud to have on your desk.

  • NomadClip

    Forget toting a cable in your pocket, or worse yet, a bag — with the NomadClip, you'll always have a charging cable with you. How, you ask? Well, the clip is actually a carabiner, with ends that fold out to reveal a male USB 2.0 plug and a either a Lightning or Micro USB plug. It's also built from high-end materials like engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer, high-grade steel, and scratch-resistant metal on the contacts. But while it will safely hang from a belt loop or keychain, we wouldn't recommend using it for climbing — after all, where are you going to find a charging station in the wilderness?

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